10m x 10m vape bar with balloon

vaper expo stand

Having received the brief from our client we designed a high impact 10m x 10m vape bar. The client who manufactures and sells vaping products were exhibiting at the Vaper show, NEC. This show is an extremely busy event and [highlight color=”green”]they wanted to make an impact![/highlight]

The client wanted to make full use of the space and really connect and engage with the public so full access was required to their stand. It was an island space and therefore full size counters were created with a 4 meter tower in the centre, creating maximum impact and a stand that could be seen throughout the hall.

2 x 65” tv screens were added into the design, so the client could showcase their products and give information about the team and services that they provide. These were placed in accordance with the layout of the hall and facing the main walkways around the stand to capture the public’s attention as soon as they got near to the stand.  Bright flood lighting was added to the top of the 4-metre tower to enhance their presence and lit up the entire 10m x 10m space.

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Need to be seen from other side of hall
  • Tall, big impact brand awareness
  • Counter bars on all sides for serving the visitors
  • Bright and inviting space
  • Lockable store, counter shelving for vast stock quantities

The client had a big team that were going to be working on this stand during the show and our design team gave maximum space to them ensuring they had enough space to accommodate all of the staff and to be able to work comfortably, during the event. The whole circumference of the stand had solid full-size counters built with 2 access points so the team could work at ease as though they were in their own premises, shelving was built and added underneath for the storage of their products with quick and easy access.

vaping bar at event
vaper expo nec

The vibrant purple carpet that we laid prior to building this and the interchangeable [highlight color=”green”]led lighting around the whole base of the stand[/highlight] made a huge impact and provided a greater prominence.  Electric cabling was channeled throughout the flooring to ensure the team had direct use of power at various points around the stand so their products could be charged for demonstrations over the 3-day event.  Roller banners were erected at different points around the stand and a huge helium balloon was fixed in above the 4 meter tower giving even greater presence.

The overall look of the stand was amazing and we had an [highlight color=”green”]incredibly happy client.[/highlight] Our services have already been booked for their next show!