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Industrial looking exhibition display for that grungy feel

industrial style expo stand

This 6×6 stand for our long-standing client was ideal for what they wanted to achieve. With the intent of displaying their extensive product line clearly and effectively, as well as the company branding, the team came up with the perfect solution. With 8 company branded lockable display counters, exhibiting their wide range of products was easy, allowing the public to clearly see what they had to offer. Spanning these around the 3 open sides of the stand gave them and …

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Island exhibition space

titan_dms stand

Our well-established client came to us with a premium island space wonderfully positioned in the heart of the halls. With a brief centered around attracting as much foot traffic as they possibly could as well as standing out from the other big players also positioned in the center, the team came up with a design that the client was more than happy with. A unique and open structure 4 meters high was built to allow maximum exposure not only from …

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Converted shell scheme space

main stand

Our client Kingfisher Ropes, an innovative yacht rope product company, approached us to discuss their stand which they wanted to be installed at a large show in the Rai, Amsterdam. The stand space they had was 6m x 3m and they wanted to make a real impression at the show and to showcase their products in the best possible way without compromising on quality or professionalism. Designs were thrown back and forth between our design team and the client until …

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Modern and minimal stand design

exhibition display

This stand is another great example of what can be done with a relatively small space.  The stand for Artico installed at the HB&R show NEC was in a 6m x 4m space and in a prime location in the halls.  With 3 open sides, it was easily accessed and seen by visitors walking past the stand at either side and along the front of the stand.  The striking presence of the stand really grabbed the attention of passers by …

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Standing out from the shell scheme stands

exhibition stand

This 3x4m stand installed at a Manchester show is an excellent example of how to beef up your stand space and make it stand out from the rest especially when you are surrounded with shell scheme in the halls.  The clever use of company graphics really made an impact with this simple but very effective stand and provided an eye catching and attention grabbing back drop.  Lighting installed on the top of the back and side walls flooded the stand …

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DSEI exhibition stand with graphic back wall

norm tech exhibition stand

This impressive stand was created for Norm Tech in a space of 6.5m x 7m at the high security DSEI show. The location of the stand was ideal, facing outwards with pathways on three sides of the stand and the client wanted to capture footfall and grab the attention of passers-by. Our designer created not only an impressive and eye catching structure but also incorporated lots of other elements to ensure the stand really made an impact at the show …

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6m x 6m display stand with U shaped counter

vape display stand

Another impressive stand for our client Lumo was erected at the increasingly popular Vape Show and they obviously wanted to make an impression at the show due to the large volume of exhibitors.  The stand size was 6x6m and the brief was to design and create a vape bar and chilled out area where visitors could sit and vape to their hearts content.  The location of the stand was great, with three open sides and facing an aisle it was perfect …

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Bespoke display stand with 3d company logo

Our client Netzsch Pumps had a 4x3m stand space and wanted a bespoke looking stand which would really stand out from its shell scheme neighbours in the hall. Our designer visualised a bright, tall and clean stand with enough stand space to allow furniture and a worktop as well as incorporating a store into the design as well. The client got a light and impressive stand which they were delighted with. The structure of the stand consisted of two open …

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Pop up shops – the portable retail solution

Something similar yet used a little differently to our exhibition stands. Our pop-up shops are the brainchild of our senior designer/director who came up with a unique idea to create an ultra portable, simple to erect structure using modular framework and custom printed graphics which can be used pretty much anywhere from shopping centres to festivals.  Big brand Fosters saw the idea and wanted a part of it for a promotional event they were running to introduce a new drink …

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Vaper Expo exhibition display with custom bar

Our client Juice Sauz sat back to back with our other client Lumo Liquids at the Vape Show.  It was a great opportunity for us to work on two stands in the same area, and obviously made it easier for the install team not to have to run from one end of the hall to the other!  The client’s brief specified a larger central block column that came further out into the stand with a striking extruding header strip all …

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Baby show exhibition stand with arch

display stands

This high-profile client was delighted with their 10x6m island site baby show exhibition stand which comprised of several components due to all four sides of the stand being open.  The client wanted a bigger structure than the previous year, along with more eye catching and attention grabbing elements to it, and that’s exactly what they got.  It was several weeks of planning and preparation to get the stand just right and exactly to the specification that the client required but …

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Conference display stand with raised platform

exhibition stand

This 6x2m conference display stand for Richmond Pharmacology was fully open on two sides with the third side partly open and was maximised by the use of a lockable storage cupboard with porthole which the client wanted as part of the brief.  This enabled the stand to have two freestanding literature racks to display brochures and leaflets for visitors to the stand to take away with them.  The main structure of the stand consisted of three graphic wrapped walls which …

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LED glowing counters with two display stands

Our client contacted us with only 3 weeks to go until the event, they had booked spaces but still needed their stands designed and built. They also required LED glowing counters as a display area for their products. For this show the client needed not one but two stands designed and built. The urgency on this was obvious and our design team created the design concepts the same day to get the project moving as quickly as possible. Our client …

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4m x 4m open two sides exhibition display

stannah display

Our client had booked a 4m x 4m shell scheme space and wanted a clean, sharp professional look to highlight the recruitment side of their business. The team decided to give them exactly this with a stand that would have 3 prominent towers, rising to 3 m so they would be standing out and above the competitors but also allowing plenty of space for the public to engage with them. The red carpet was included with this package not only …

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Large seamless rear wall graphics in 6m x 3m space

fertility show exhibition

Big graphics and lit logos give our client the thumbs up at the Fertility show. Our clients brief for their event was all about large scale graphics with an inviting stand area.  The structure includes two large legs extruding from the back wall which then holds the clients 3d LED lit logo.  Incorporating one of the legs as a circular display plinth worked well for the client to use ipad’s mounted in security devices. A lockable storage area was required for …

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Baby show stand 3m x 4m with integrated display plinths

johnson and johnson exhibition stand

Our high profile client required a small space only area converted into a clean and welcoming exhibition stand at the NEC baby show. Having clients as repeat users of our services is important to us, this stand is set for multiple events and this was the first install.  The stand consists of various height display areas for the clients products including a built in shelving unit. LED stick lighting was used to flood down the graphic panels ensuring the stand …

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10m x 10m vape bar with balloon

vaper expo stand

Having received the brief from our client we designed a high impact 10m x 10m vape bar. The client who manufactures and sells vaping products were exhibiting at the Vaper show, NEC. This show is an extremely busy event and they wanted to make an impact! The client wanted to make full use of the space and really connect and engage with the public so full access was required to their stand. It was an island space and therefore full …

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Shell scheme converted into bespoke stand

6m x 3m exhibition stand from shell scheme

This eye catching exhibition stand was designed and built by our team for an event in The Hague (Netherlands). The 6x3m shell scheme space was converted into a space only area and consisted of velour carpet on a raised platform floor, custom printed graphics and lighting along the back and side walls with a curved protruding header and LED lighting on one corner of the stand. A section of raised graphics coming out of one side walling created an impressive …

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High impact 3m x 2m bespoke exhibition stand

3d logo exhibition stand

This stand is a perfect example of what can be done with a small space!  The brief received from the client was to create something eye catching which would stand out from the other basic stalls and tables at an indoor conference in a well-known London hotel, and we think that was successfully achieved.  It was a 3x2m stand space and with only a 1 hour window for installation, it was a big challenge for the team but the deadline …

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4m x 4m bespoke stand build with company logo feature

ring header display stand

This structure for Bag Solo definitely had the wow factor and is one of our bespoke exhibition stands created using both modular and bespoke elements. A 4x4m space only area is filled with a dramatic and stunning looking stand which attracted plenty of attention from all corners of the exhibition, not just from visitors but from other exhibitors. The client’s brief was quite specific with details of what they wanted to achieve and our designer certainly maximised the space in …

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