Award winning exhibition stands

bespoke exhibition display

Award winning exhibition stands. This impressive, eye-catching stand for Sicce made a real impression at the show based in Telford International Centre with the client having a premium island site in the hall. The 7m x 8m space was fully utilised with lots of different elements, without looking too cluttered or ‘busy’. An upside down ‘U’ shaped structure was erected at one side of the stand space with the company logo along the top for maximum exposure across the hall. Glowing and underlit light boxes were placed on the same side which acted as display areas as well as counters to store products and chat to visitors attending the show. High poseur stools provided behind the counters enabled staff to sit with visitors and discuss vital business. The client needed areas to promote and display several product lines so each side of the stand had counters and wall graphics showing separate branding to clearly differentiate each element. The main structure was completely clad in custom printed graphics and was open to allow free flowing of staff and visitors to the stand to allow interaction with and closer inspection of the products being displayed. This worked particularly well as the stand space was an island site so visitors could be drawn in from every side and angle. On one end of the main structure plastic bubbles were produced and incorporated into the wall for the client to use for display purposes and added a great 3D element.

award winning exhibition stands

exhibition display wall

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • 4 open sides space only
  • Good visibility and tall structure
  • Small store area
  • Multiple POS areas
  • Divided into various product sections

Ribbons placed into the top walling linked the main structure to the upside down ‘U’ structure and created another eye catching element to our award winning exhibition stands. Literature racks were also used to display brochures and information, allowing visitors to help themselves and browse at their leisure. Inside the main structure shelving was installed and more seating provided. The stand was bright from the LED lights installed within the top headers to really create a bright and airy stand. The whole structure stood on a raised platform with aluminium edging and covered in carpet. The client was delighted with their all-inclusive exhibition stand and it was a great install for the team.