Pop Up Shops

pop up shop

As an increasingly popular sales method the retail market has seen a rise in pop-up shops and temporary sales areas. Our professional yet extremely easy to install pop up kiosks bridge the gap between an unprofessional table / banner combo and a semi-permanent installation.

The twist locking framework with custom printed panels allows our clients to install the shop themselves in approximately 25 minutes, yet still retain the professionalism of a retail outlet installed by a shop-fitting team. Each shop can be custom branded or rebranded depending on promotions or sales usage. One week the shop can be a coffee pod, the next a merchandise kiosk, it really is that simple. Once packed away the shop can be transported in a small car, ideal for one or two person usage.

We offer two versions of scalable and interchangeable pop up shops, an outdoor and an indoor setup.

The indoor shop is ideal for exhibitions, shopping centres, garden centres, business foyers and airports. The outdoor version is fine for all of the above yet is also suitable for outdoor usage such as high streets, markets and festivals.

Each shop comes in 4 carry cases, packing down into the following dimensions.

  • Case 1 – 120cm x 60cm x 7cm – 14kg
  • Case 2 – 120cm x 30cm x 27cm – 8kg
  • Case 3 – 120cm x 30cm x 27cm – 16kg
  • Case 4 – 110cm 30cm x 30cm – 7kg
  • A total weight of only 45kg

Our pop up shops are suitable for custom pop up retail, information points, sales kiosks and over counter sales pods. With thousands of sales possibilities your retail opportunities are increased by simply re-branding or finding new points of sale.

  • Twist together frame for 1 person install
  • Semi-rigid custom printed panel set
  • Laminated counter tops
  • Carry cases and graphic drums
  • Complete kit only £5300+vat

Please talk to our sales team for more information, panel templates and internal shop-kit options.

popup shop