Virtual Stands

virtual exhibition stand

Virtual 3d Exhibition Stands with interactivity

Need a virtual exhibition stand?  We build physical stands, virtual stands and can combine both for hybrid events.  Our virtual exhibition stands are fully interactive, can be embedded into your own website and offer a 24/7 365 interactive stand experience on one page.

There is no need for third party software, the complete solution is here in your web browser.

What’s included in your virtual exhibition stand?

  • High quality rotating 3d custom branded exhibition display.
  • Multiple hot-spots for different types of interactivity.
  • Hot-spot click analytics, supply your google analytics code to us to enable usage stats.
  • White label hosting available, we host, you simply embed in your website without any "stand 4" branding or linkage.
  • All virtual stands can also be physically built allowing for mirrored live / virtual events.
  • Various interactivity including information, images, videos, website links, web-chat meeting links, video call links.
  • Huge selection of designs available. Every design on this website can be converted into a virtual stand.
  • Bespoke stand design available, including bespoke 3d product placement.
  • Full supply of all elements also available for own hosting.

Our professional virtual exhibition stand services:

  • Super fast turn around, only possible due to our onsite data centre rendering capability.
  • High resolution, fast loading, low latency 3d models.
  • Auto rotating and manually navigated.
  • Unique hot-spots which can be changed after the live event to allow for prolonged hosting and usage.
  • Always online, let your audience visit your stand after the event.
  • Designed, built and hosted by us.
  • White label service available.
  • Mobile and desktop browsing fully supported.

Optional Extras:

  • Graphic design service available, as standard we supply the artwork templates to you
  • Ultra smooth rotation or bespoke camera view/path.
  • Animated people within scene.
  • Ultra high resolution for large screen displays.

Stand 4 virtual exhibition stands are an all-in-one solution to virtual exhibiting.  Use our full rotation animation or still high quality images.  The complete virtual stand, hosting and linkage is taken care of by our team of professional project managers and 3d experts.

All stands can be built as physical exhibition displays so you can mirror your virtual display with a live physical event.  All linkage can be changed after the live event to remove any live video meeting links.  This allows your virtual stand to remain live even after the event, any marketing towards it can still be followed.  A truly 24/7 365 marketing tool.

Please contact us for more information about this service.