Which stand builder to use?

Here are lots of good reasons to use us and why we think we are the best choice as your next exhibition stand builder.


Cost effective, cheap, inexpensive.  There are mixed messages in these words!  We like to think our exhibition stand service is fair.  We are not expensive, we are not ripping off our clients, we build quality stands at fair prices aimed at repeat business.  This ethos has kept us in business and shown year on year growth since we launched in 2012.  Our all-inclusive prices based on floor space means you know what the cost is from day one.  You can have as much or as little AV, furniture and stand build structure as you want in your space.  The cost will not increase.

Keeping things clear and simple is key to our success.

Quality Production

Our stands are predominantly built using a Belgium modular system called BeMatrix.  It allows us to build large cost effective impressive structures which are vastly less wasteful compared to traditional timber built structures.

Environmental Impact

The exhibition industry has a lot to say for itself with regards environmental impact. We have been at the forefront of building vastly reduced environmental impact stands since 2012. We do not build stands from wood and then burn them after the event. We do not burn anything! Speak to your project manager about how we ensure every element of your trade booth has been selected to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


A clean trading record is vitally important to us. All too many exhibition companies have gone bust, started up again the next day, leaving clients out of pocket. We refused to follow this trend, even through the Covid-19 pandemic where trade shows were banned for over a year. We pride ourselves as an ethically trading business who treat every stand project as important as the last.


How refreshing, we do it all. No we are not another “design house” sitting in between you and your stand. We work directly with all of our clients. Our stand building materials, printing plant and expert fitters are all owned or employed directly by us. Beware of competitors posing as build companies but actually subcontracting everything out to whoever is cheapest. It’s a risky business and we will not do it.

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The combined years of stand building experience in Stand 4 ltd is impressive and frightening at the same time.  Trading since 2012, we have an exemplary history in always delivering as promised.  A 100% install promise.  Our team of experienced fitters, carpenters, printers and project managers means your stand is in safe hands.


We’ve done the hard work and predesigned more stands than any other UK stand builder.  Simply browse our huge range of stands and pick the one that works best for you.  Book it in with us and we’ll either send you the artwork templates or we’ll design it for you.  We have truly simplified the entire exhibiting process.

Stand 4 ltd has been running uninterrupted since 2012.  Throughout the covid-19 pandemic we did not cease trading, we did not start again as a new company.  We honoured all client obligations and rolled over all stand builds to the next event without additional costs.