Step into a calm and private zone while at an event


That little refuge from the busy environment of an exhibition. Portable meeting pods, the Confab Pod is born.

Portable meeting pod hire is a great way of introducing a quiet zone in a busy environment.  Each pod is lined in acoustic foam to create a peaceful environment in among the hustle and bustle of live event spaces.

Each comfy meeting pod has power, usb charging point, air charging point, desk lamp mood lighting and most of all comfy seating.  The under-glow led lighting set to your brands colour finishes the deluxe look.  Perfect for 2-4 people, each confab pod is also on wheels, so easy to move around.

Each pod is modular in build, so it packs down into a very small space.  Made from a quality timber and laminate finish, each pod has that VIP feel.

Completely custom branded, each pod can be printed with company branding along with colour coded padded seating and sound proofing panels.

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meeting pod

Our meeting pod hire service includes the following.

  • Custom branded meeting pod
  • Transport, install and removal
  • H&S documents and insurances

Meeting Pods available to purchase or hire. Get in touch today for a quote.

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