Baby show stand 3m x 4m with integrated display plinths

johnson and johnson exhibition stand

Our high profile client required a small space only area converted into a clean and welcoming exhibition stand at the NEC baby show.

Having clients as repeat users of our services is important to us, this stand is set for multiple events and this was the first install.  The stand consists of various height display areas for the clients products including a built in shelving unit.

LED stick lighting was used to flood down the graphic panels ensuring the stand remained clean and minimal yet was well lit.

The client also requested a bespoke size chalkboard for stand visitors to leave messages.  A great addition to the stand which [highlight color=”green”]draws people into the space[/highlight] and is a simple and fun way of interacting with potential customers.

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Small space with multiple products to display
  • Interactive area, fun and engaging
  • Required for multiple events
  • Poseur seating and table

[one_half]johnsons exhibition stand[/one_half][one_half_last]johnson and johnson exhibition stand[/one_half_last]


The final result was a very clean and welcoming exhibition stand with clear branding and good display areas for the clients products.  [highlight color=”green”]The client was extremely pleased[/highlight] and we are set for building more stands at future events.