DSEI exhibition stand with graphic back wall

norm tech exhibition stand

This impressive stand was created for Norm Tech in a space of 6.5m x 7m at the high security DSEI show. The location of the stand was ideal, facing outwards with pathways on three sides of the stand and the client wanted to capture footfall and grab the attention of passers-by. Our designer created not only an impressive and eye catching structure but also incorporated lots of other elements to ensure the stand really made an impact at the show and promoted the product successfully. The stand structure itself consisted of a solid central column protruding out at the front with two ‘arms’ on either side. The back wall was solid with bold picture graphics, clearly showing the client’s product. On the front of the central column, we attached three plastic bubble spheres to [highlight color=”green”]add a 3D dimension[/highlight] to the front of the stand which worked well and looked good. Two counter tops/cupboards were added to the base of the arm pillars to add depth as well as valuable storage space for staff. Another counter top was placed at the front of the stand with two stools sat behind it to form a reception style area. All three counter tops were lit from underneath, creating a warm glow up into stand and the client’s logo was cut and backlit into the front of each counter.

DSEI expo stand angle 1
DSEI expo stand angle 2

Lighting was also housed in the underside of the header panels and the central column, flooding the stand with light from above. Sections of the top of the stand were left open to allow ribbons to be attached across the structure, as well as at the front of the stand between the header bars and protruding part of the central column.

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Lockable rear wall store
  • Feature header with acrylic bubble wall
  • Lit logo counters
  • Stools and tables under lit arch

This created a great effect with the lighting and added another original element to the client’s stand. Ample space was available on the stand to place two tables and 8 stools to enable staff to sit and chat with visitors. A [highlight color=”green”]lockable store was incorporated into one side of the back section of the stand,[/highlight] essential for the client to keep literature and other things locked away and out of sight. A raised floor was installed with carpet laid and finished off with an aluminium trim which really finished off the stand and created a truly bespoke and stand alone feel. The client was delighted with his exhibition stand!