4m x 4m open two sides exhibition display

stannah display

Our client had booked a 4m x 4m shell scheme space and wanted a clean, sharp professional look to highlight the recruitment side of their business.

The team decided to give them exactly this with a stand that would have 3 prominent towers, rising to 3 m so they would be standing out and above the competitors but also allowing plenty of space for the public to engage with them. The red carpet was included with this package not only to provide a [highlight color=”green”]bright vibrant look[/highlight] but also to incorporate the clients company colours.

A request was made for space to allow for some of their equipment to be placed and incorporated within the stand and the design team also catered for this.

Storage space was created within the central column with a hidden removable door so the show team could keep personal items with them throughout the show.

Electrics were cabled to each end of the stand and to the central tower for an easy access point for laptops but also to connect the 42” LED screen via hdmi cables so our client could [highlight color=”green”]showcase their company products.[/highlight]

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Brand awareness
  • Key messages without cluttering the artwork
  • Seating area for discussions
  • Product areas for demoing purposes

4x4 exhibition display area

Deluxe stick lighting was added around the whole stand to give it that bright fresh look that the client had requested.

The clients heavy equipment was brought in at the end by our build team and unloaded for the client from their vehicle. This was put this in place for them ensuring that everything worked as it should with the electrics before the show opened and was underway.

This very well known client was extremely happy and it’s no surprise that this is the [highlight color=”green”]3rd year running that our team has designed and built their stands[/highlight] for them.