LED glowing counters with two display stands

Our client contacted us with only 3 weeks to go until the event, they had booked spaces but still needed their stands designed and built. They also required LED glowing counters as a display area for their products.

For this show the client needed not one but two stands designed and built. The urgency on this was obvious and our design team created the design concepts the same day to get the project moving as quickly as possible. Our client also needed 7 bespoke counters built from scratch with backlit boxes to [highlight color=”green”]showcase the company logo’s,[/highlight] these also incorporated led lighting to give the maximum impact soft glow around the footer of the cabinets.

The back walling was created up to 2.4m and built as a clean and crisp backdrop to the stand and the cabinets were installed in such a way as to give a roomy feel to the stand allowing the show team to present their products on the counters but also under the extra close up bright counter top lighting that we provided. Electric cabling was installed into and throughout every single cabinet to make each one a very useful work station.

The back walling provided the ultimate finish with the use of deluxe stick lighting to once again make this shell scheme makeover stand out from the rest.

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Last minute designs and build
  • Backlit logo on counters
  • Back wall graphics with seamless panels
  • Bright white lighting for demonstrations of very small products

The clients second shell scheme stand had 3 open sides and therefore we created a 7m back wall by 2.4 m high. Again we created and built 7 lockable cabinets to transform this stand into a usable area by [highlight color=”green”]turning these cabinets into a huge work surface[/highlight] at the back of the stand for the 3d printer and to create a large amount of secure storage for our clients to use throughout the show.

glowing display cabinet
second display stand

Hidden electrics were also provided throughout this stand for the lighting, the 3d printer and for the use of the show team throughout the show.

We provided a literature rack so these clients could advertise via all of their giveaway brochures.

The deluxe lighting was added once again to bring the whole stand together and give the ultimate [highlight color=”green”]professional, clinical and crisp image[/highlight] that our very happy client wanted to achieve.