Industrial looking exhibition display for that grungy feel

industrial style expo stand

This 6×6 stand for our long-standing client was ideal for what they wanted to achieve. With the intent of displaying their extensive product line clearly and effectively, as well as the company branding, the team came up with the perfect solution.

With 8 company branded lockable display counters, exhibiting their wide range of products was easy, allowing the public to clearly see what they had to offer. Spanning these around the 3 open sides of the stand gave them and their product a tremendous amount of exposure to the footfall of the surrounding aisles. Having a number of staff members working these counters the stand need to have sufficient space to allow them work comfortably. It also ensured full access to the lockable display counters , allowing the client to re-stock as required or easily access their products to show potential customers visiting the stand.

On top of this sat a bold 4 metre high truss structure to support 11 49” Ultra HD Smart LED TVs , 2 1000w 15” Powered Loudspeakers, and 6 300w halogen flood lights. This allowed the client to stand out from the crowded hall and easily run looped media and presentations trouble-free across 11 TVs using USB drives. A fresh black carpet was laid underneath this to conform to their corporate colours and brand guidelines.

A prominent 4 metre high by 6 metre wide by 1 metre deep back wall sat behind this with custom printed graphics to all sides. Making sure the company logo was as large as it could possibly be on the space provided was key for building a quality brand recognition. The simplicity of these graphics combined with the 6 flood lights providing an incredibly well-lit area, only added to the strong/bold overall look of the stand.

truss style display stand
industrial looking expo stand

Exhibition Stand focus points

    • 8 Large custom printed, lockable display counters
    • Truss structure supporting a number of TVs, Speakers, and Lights
    • Lockable storage area with adequate shelving for large stock quantities
    • A substantial back wall with custom printed graphics to all sides
    • Looped media on 11 LED TVs

Inside this back wall was a storage area to further meet requirements of the client and the large amount of product they were bringing to the show. The store sits behind a Digi locked door with porthole. Once inside, the store had been kitted out with numerous shelving units to allow the client to easily organize their product; as well as an area for a digital media device to run the 1000w Loudspeakers / TVs if the client wished to do so.

The client was incredibly happy with the stand and having all aspects of the brief being ticked. Seeing a substantial amount of business throughout the day, we have already been booked for their next show.