Baby show exhibition stand with arch

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This high-profile client was delighted with their 10x6m island site baby show exhibition stand which comprised of several components due to all four sides of the stand being open.  The client wanted a bigger structure than the previous year, along with more eye catching and attention grabbing elements to it, and that’s exactly what they got.  It was several weeks of planning and preparation to get the stand just right and exactly to the specification that the client required but once it was signed off, work could commence on printing and constructing the stand in our workshop.  The framework was erected first but due to the size of the stand it had to be constructed in two parts and then put together on site once both parts were perfected.

The central column had shelving attached and counter tops on each side for maximum display options, as well as storage within the column with a lockable door with porthole on one side which proved invaluable for the client to store everything from leaflets to nappies.  Lighting was installed above the shelving on the central column to illuminate the clients’ displays and to create a bright centrepiece.  [highlight color=”green”]Custom printed graphics[/highlight] encased the whole column with additional cut vinyl circular graphics added using velcro to enable the client to move them around if and when desired.  Two huge ‘arms’ protruded from either side of the central column which were also clad in custom printed graphics and [highlight color=”green”]LED lighting[/highlight] encased in the underside of each arm for maximum exposure and additional glow.  Circular shelving was installed around both pillars of one arm and a huge framework arch was constructed at the end of the other arm on the opposite side which was completely encased in baby nappies, creating a huge nappy arch which visitors could walk through to get onto one side of the stand.  This was a fantastic and very impressive addition to the stand and really enabled the client to promote their product effectively.

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Large scale baby show exhibition stand for a big impact
  • Aldi nappy product used to create large arch
  • Central store with lockable digipad door
  • Ipad demonstration points
  • Comfy seating area
  • Low level plinths for buggy’s and other products

Custom printed graphic wrapped free-standing plinths were placed around the stand for display purposes and the client used them for other products such as buggies and cots.  Large cut out animals were placed on top of the tallest parts of the stand using velcro so that the stand could be seen from all corners of the exhibition hall, grabbing the attention of visitors to the show.

baby show aldi stand
bespoke baby show exhibition stand
baby show display stand

The whole baby show exhibition stand stood on cream carpet direct to the exhibition hall floor which [highlight color=”green”]finished off the stand nicely.[/highlight]  This truly impressive stand was a great achievement for all involved.  The client was very happy with the finished product and had a successful show.