Large seamless rear wall graphics in 6m x 3m space

fertility show exhibition

Big graphics and lit logos give our client the thumbs up at the Fertility show.

Our clients brief for their event was all about [highlight color=”green”]large scale graphics[/highlight] with an inviting stand area.  The structure includes two large legs extruding from the back wall which then holds the clients 3d LED lit logo.  Incorporating one of the legs as a circular display plinth worked well for the client to use ipad’s mounted in security devices.

A lockable storage area was required for the staffs personal belongings along with event literature and give aways.  This was built into the rear walling, with the access door hidden on the isle side of the exhibition stand.  A comfy soft seating area allowed staff and visitors to liaise in a relaxed environment.  Also added were more formal poseur stools and table for b2b discussions and as a spill over area.  More seating was added around the circular plinth where the ipad security devices were fixed down.

Exhibition Stand focus points

  • Large graphic wall
  • Lockable storage
  • Well lit logo
  • Soft and poseur seating
  • Ipad’s mounted for data capture
fertility show stand
display stand

LED down lighting was then added to the header structure to [highlight color=”green”]effectively light the stand[/highlight] without having to add any unsightly light fittings.  All cabling was neatly hidden within the structure down to the store area.  Having understood the clients design brief and over delivered on a tight budget for their exhibition stand, the client was extremely pleased with the end result.