2020 = a no show year

pod walling divides
pod walling divides
temporary walling dividers

Well that’s been a year to remember, we’ve written it off already.

Although events, exhibitions and anything show related has been cancelled we’ve held in there.  Focusing our efforts into when things return.

We’ve spent the last few years growing rapidly, so although the pandemic has hit our company hard, there has been a silver lining.  When you are flat-out busy, those things that you wish you could get done, never get done.  This year has seen us focus on all those small things.  All of which will see us move forward positively in the new year.  We are excited about 2021 and onwards.

We’ve all suffered, we are not going to pretend that things have been easy.  We’ve been miserable some days, others we regather ourselves and focus on the good times we’ve had and the good times to come.

One thing that’s has been obvious to us all.  We love what we do, when the tap gets turned off to something that you love it’s difficult to refocus or pivot into other sectors.  Instead of doing this we’ve decided to focus our efforts into improving our processes and what we do, ready for the go date.

Exhibitions, trade shows and events are coming back soon, we are excited to work with our clients as they do.