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How important is exhibiting?

In this current economic climate, some people may think that trade shows and exhibitions are becoming a thing of the past.  Events, Sales and Marketing budgets are being cut in many companies whilst they concentrate on putting more funds into finding revenue in other ways and boosting sales teams.  It may be true that companies are not putting as much emphasis or money into exhibiting as they did a few years ago due to the tough times businesses have faced. It is especially difficult for small businesses just starting out to be able to find enough spare cash in the early days to put towards attendance at big exhibitions or shows, even with a small exhibition stand or shell scheme.  However, the importance of exhibiting your company should not be underestimated and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Exhibitions and trade shows are far from extinct and it is still the best way to get yourself noticed within your industry.

There are so many options you can choose from for your exhibition stand and with the right exhibition stand design and build company behind you offering support and advice, an affordable solution that suits your budget, large or small, can undoubtedly be found.  From pop-ups or banners to a custom built double deck exhibition stand, exhibiting is crucial to attract new business in your market but also to create new contacts which may come in useful for the future.  In addition, presence at a trade show that is well subscribed to by your customers demonstrates that you are still well and truly in the game.  If funding is a problem, just concentrating your efforts on attending one or two specific shows a year rather than a large amount throughout the year will cut down significantly on costs but will still keep your presence known in your arena.

Meeting face to face is invaluable.

Some people would argue that if you are able to purchase anything online from the comfort of your own sitting room on the internet, why spend the time and trouble attending an exhibition or trade show to find what you are looking for, especially in these tough times?  That may be true to a certain extent but looking on the internet just cannot compare to attending an event or exhibition where you can see for yourself what is new, touch and feel the products in your own hands and create face to face contacts that cannot be done over a telephone line or via email.

Your exhibition stand design and build company will be able to guide you in the right direction for your specific needs and come up with a solution that won’t break the bank but at the same time keep your company in the limelight.  Sit down with them and discuss your budget, if they have the right knowledge and experience they will know how to help you build awareness of your brand and get the most out of your attendance at the exhibition or trade show.  No doubt your competitors will also be there so it is important to have an eye catching display, whatever your budget!

Custom modular with bespoke elements

In this current market, re-using existing elements when creating and building custom modular exhibition stands to keep costs down is definitely a way of providing cost effective solutions.  Also clients are quite rightly keen to put their own stamp on things too.  So, combining modular framework and adding custom built elements is a very successful way to achieve the two without busting budgets out of the water. We have created a way of doing just that.

Framework is a stock item that can be used time and time again when hiring and installing an exhibition stand for various clients. Each stand is unique to the client though and they will not want their stand to look the same as their competitors. In order to make sure an eye catching, attention grabbing and personal stand is achieved, it is obviously essential to add custom elements such as branding, furniture and literature. But also bigger elements can be added to the modular framework to create impressive stands that will grab the audience. The picture above provides a great example of this.


As you can see, there is nothing about this stand that is dull and lifeless. It was designed and built using modular framework with custom made elements added to create the overall striking presence. Correct lighting also has a huge impact and it is important to get this right. It makes all the difference in bringing the stand to life. This stand was very cost effective and competitive which was obviously appealing to the client, but it didn’t mean they had to compromise on quality. They were very happy with their stand and it got lots of attention at the show, which of course is the aim of the game in the exhibiting world.
With a bit of creativity and imagination, with custom modular exhibition stands the possibilities are endless. That’s where our in-house designers come into their own. By combining both modular and custom elements for previous stands, they know what works best. Having said that, the client often knows what they want and what will work for their business so our job is to create the best looking stand for the most affordable price, and that is what we are extremely good at. Of course, the design can be tweaked and added to as many times as is necessary to get it right and there are a variety of materials and elements that we can use, and do use, to add to the standard modular framework. Best of all, we have it all in stock so there are no delays due late supplier deliveries. Crucial when there are tight deadlines, and in this industry we all know deadlines tend to be tight!


Stand Graphics

Graphics and branding are also an essential part of ensuring custom modular exhibition stands grab the attention from the right people. It’s important to consider graphic panels when designing the stand and make sure custom elements are ‘graphic wrap-able’ if required by the client. After all, there is little use if you cannot dress it with your branding and draw attention to your products and services.
In this day and age, clients want value for money without compromising on quality and a professional looking stand. And who can blame them?

All inclusive packages

We offer an all-inclusive stand package which will include all of your stand components for one price. Our package is based on your floor size, this includes, bespoke stand, custom printed graphics, raised flooring, carpet, audio visual, lighting and furniture. This one-stop package is designed to simplify the hire process of exhibition displays. We will ensure your exhibition stand looks impressive and inviting to clients, improving and reinforcing your brand and corporate identity.

How do you do this? – Everything is produced in-house, our team look after the whole process, we don’t sub contract like other exhibition companies. This means we are a cost effective solution and our clients benefit from the design, build and hire process being arrange from under one roof.
Our design and production team will make you stand out from the rest with the professional look that you need and our installation team will install your stand at the event and de-rig it at the end.

Exhibitions are an extremely valuable way of meeting many key prospects in a short space of time. Providing you have chosen the right show and plan carefully, you could lay the foundations for profitable growth in contacts and eventual sales.
Discover how easy it is with us to obtain the complete package for when you exhibit.

Organizing and holding exhibitions requires effective event planning, management, and logistics which we will help you with. Making sure the stand works for the space you have is of the up most importance.

Let our expertise help you to succeed and reach your customers. Whether it be a bespoke designed exhibition display that you require or one of our standard catalogue stands, our team will help you and work with you from just an idea right the way through to being on site and building your stand, we know and understand how important it is and will ensure everything runs smoothly so you have nothing to worry about.

A move to better displays

It’s been a whirl of activity here at Exhibition Stands…we have just moved into bigger and brighter premises! We outgrew our last premises and we were across three separate units which made life a bit difficult at times running between them (but on the plus side, we didn’t need to visit the gym!).

Now we are in one big unit with everything under one roof. It’s more productive and definitely very exciting! We are still based in Hampshire, the new premises are only a mile away from our old units.  We now have a larger print facility and workshops, huge stock and storage area so we always stock hardware for a fast turnaround. More space for our large scale printers and cutters will mean our production team will be able to get more orders out of the door – happy customers means a happy business! To celebrate our move we put some of our best sellers on sale for a limited period, browse our range of exhibition displays to see the various price reductions.  Why not come and visit us to see what we’ve been doing, we are very proud of our new set up and I think you will see why.

10% off all hire costs

Do you have a sister company or friends exhibiting at the same event?

With all successful referrals we will discount both parties 10% on all hire costs.  The hired stands must be at the same event for the same period.  The referred client must be a new customer to us.  This cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and is limited to a maximum of 10% discount.

That’s it!  So tell your friends and we’ll discount both orders.

Please let your project manager know which orders are linked.

The evolution of exhibition stands

The exhibition stand is not a new thing, we’ve been exhibiting our products and services for years and we know exhibiting works. Getting our products and services in front of a captive interested audience can be invaluable. Merely having a presence at a key event can be just as important.

Exhibition stands and backdrops have been designed and redesigned to death, we all know what works and what doesn’t. We know what looks impressive and what looks tacky.

There is now a plethora of “design” agency’s reinventing and regurgitating designs they’ve seen before and they know will work. Selling them as “new concepts” along with heavy price tags.

This brick wall within the industry that demands “what’s your budget?” has to change. As service providers we should be saying “Here is what we can do and this is the price tag”. An honest and upfront approach, not a middleman squeezing every last penny out of a budget.

Welcome to exhibitionstands.co.uk, currently the only website offering multiple designs with costs so clients can choose a stand design along with a costing. We’ve designed hundreds of stands for clients to choose from. Each stand is then branded to suit the clients needs. This cuts out a huge waste of the clients budget, allowing the client to either spend less or get more for their money. That’s why our company grew 300% in last financial year. The design middleman “what’s your budget” approach is dying a slow and painful death, businesses in 2014 are demanding value for money.

We’re listening.

How to create good artwork

Creating good artwork is important for large format printed displays and stands.

Hopefully you have inhouse designer(s) who can create large format artwork.  Each product page has artwork guides and templates as a starting point for your display.

If you’re creating your artwork yourself here are a few hints and tips to create artwork that will look fantastic.

Our printers work to a CMYK colour scheme, if you create your artwork with CMYK colours you will get a closer match to the true colour.  We use high-end HP fine art printers, this means the resolution and colour gamut is extremely high and vibrant.

Less can be more.  With large format print and portable displays we often recieve artwork with far too much information within the artwork.  Backdrops should be used to display branding and simple messages.  If you are trying to explain too much in your display the chances are it wont have the same impact as one that is simple, clean and well thought out.

Print marks, crop marks and bleed.  Dont worry about any of them.  We add our own print and crop marks.  Bleed is not required.  Our cutting equipment is so accurate bleed is not required.

Vector format artwork prints cleanly.  If possible keep all artwork in vector format.  Outline all fonts to ensure there is not font mismatch issues when we open your file.

Make sure all images are high enough resolution to print well in large format.  To check this you should zoom into the final artwork file at 100% at full size or 200% at half size.  You can then see on the screen a representation of the image pixelation that will be printed.

300dpi files are fine, 150dpi as a minimum.  Please then export the final file as a print ready .pdf.


Voucher Promotion

To celebrate our website upgrade we have launched a money off voucher promotion for use on website orders.

It has been 6 months in the making but the site has finally had its make-over. To celebrate we’re giving away £25 vouchers via the index page. All you need to do is visit the front page of exhibitionstands.co.uk, at the top right you will see an area where you can enter your email address to receive your voucher. The voucher is valid for 3 months and promotion terms and conditions apply. Terms of use and promotion details are included in the voucher code email you will receive.

Site Update

After a very busy year we have found a moment to update this site and give it a little clean up.

Our exhibition stands and portable displays continue to gain popularity and so there’s nothing better than having a little shout about it. What better way to do that than to update your site and offer yet more designs to choose from? Our shopping system and menu area is now simpler than ever to use.

To celebrate our continued growth we will be shortly running a money off voucher promotion. Watch this space.