Custom modular with bespoke elements

tall ciruclar stand with pilars

In this current market, re-using existing elements when creating and building custom modular exhibition stands to keep costs down is definitely a way of providing cost effective solutions.  Also clients are quite rightly keen to put their own stamp on things too.  So, combining modular framework and adding custom built elements is a very successful way to achieve the two without busting budgets out of the water. We have created a way of doing just that.

Framework is a stock item that can be used time and time again when hiring and installing an exhibition stand for various clients. Each stand is unique to the client though and they will not want their stand to look the same as their competitors. In order to make sure an eye catching, attention grabbing and personal stand is achieved, it is obviously essential to add custom elements such as branding, furniture and literature. But also bigger elements can be added to the modular framework to create impressive stands that will grab the audience. The picture above provides a great example of this.


As you can see, there is nothing about this stand that is dull and lifeless. It was designed and built using modular framework with custom made elements added to create the overall striking presence. Correct lighting also has a huge impact and it is important to get this right. It makes all the difference in bringing the stand to life. This stand was very cost effective and competitive which was obviously appealing to the client, but it didn’t mean they had to compromise on quality. They were very happy with their stand and it got lots of attention at the show, which of course is the aim of the game in the exhibiting world.
With a bit of creativity and imagination, with custom modular exhibition stands the possibilities are endless. That’s where our in-house designers come into their own. By combining both modular and custom elements for previous stands, they know what works best. Having said that, the client often knows what they want and what will work for their business so our job is to create the best looking stand for the most affordable price, and that is what we are extremely good at. Of course, the design can be tweaked and added to as many times as is necessary to get it right and there are a variety of materials and elements that we can use, and do use, to add to the standard modular framework. Best of all, we have it all in stock so there are no delays due late supplier deliveries. Crucial when there are tight deadlines, and in this industry we all know deadlines tend to be tight!


Stand Graphics

Graphics and branding are also an essential part of ensuring custom modular exhibition stands grab the attention from the right people. It’s important to consider graphic panels when designing the stand and make sure custom elements are ‘graphic wrap-able’ if required by the client. After all, there is little use if you cannot dress it with your branding and draw attention to your products and services.
In this day and age, clients want value for money without compromising on quality and a professional looking stand. And who can blame them?