How important is exhibiting?

In this current economic climate, some people may think that trade shows and exhibitions are becoming a thing of the past.  Events, Sales and Marketing budgets are being cut in many companies whilst they concentrate on putting more funds into finding revenue in other ways and boosting sales teams.  It may be true that companies are not putting as much emphasis or money into exhibiting as they did a few years ago due to the tough times businesses have faced. It is especially difficult for small businesses just starting out to be able to find enough spare cash in the early days to put towards attendance at big exhibitions or shows, even with a small exhibition stand or shell scheme.  However, the importance of exhibiting your company should not be underestimated and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Exhibitions and trade shows are far from extinct and it is still the best way to get yourself noticed within your industry.

There are so many options you can choose from for your exhibition stand and with the right exhibition stand design and build company behind you offering support and advice, an affordable solution that suits your budget, large or small, can undoubtedly be found.  From pop-ups or banners to a custom built double deck exhibition stand, exhibiting is crucial to attract new business in your market but also to create new contacts which may come in useful for the future.  In addition, presence at a trade show that is well subscribed to by your customers demonstrates that you are still well and truly in the game.  If funding is a problem, just concentrating your efforts on attending one or two specific shows a year rather than a large amount throughout the year will cut down significantly on costs but will still keep your presence known in your arena.

Meeting face to face is invaluable.

Some people would argue that if you are able to purchase anything online from the comfort of your own sitting room on the internet, why spend the time and trouble attending an exhibition or trade show to find what you are looking for, especially in these tough times?  That may be true to a certain extent but looking on the internet just cannot compare to attending an event or exhibition where you can see for yourself what is new, touch and feel the products in your own hands and create face to face contacts that cannot be done over a telephone line or via email.

Your exhibition stand design and build company will be able to guide you in the right direction for your specific needs and come up with a solution that won’t break the bank but at the same time keep your company in the limelight.  Sit down with them and discuss your budget, if they have the right knowledge and experience they will know how to help you build awareness of your brand and get the most out of your attendance at the exhibition or trade show.  No doubt your competitors will also be there so it is important to have an eye catching display, whatever your budget!