How to create good artwork

graphic design

Creating good artwork is important for large format printed displays and stands.

Hopefully you have inhouse designer(s) who can create large format artwork.  Each product page has artwork guides and templates as a starting point for your display.

If you’re creating your artwork yourself here are a few hints and tips to create artwork that will look fantastic.

Our printers work to a CMYK colour scheme, if you create your artwork with CMYK colours you will get a closer match to the true colour.  We use high-end HP fine art printers, this means the resolution and colour gamut is extremely high and vibrant.

Less can be more.  With large format print and portable displays we often recieve artwork with far too much information within the artwork.  Backdrops should be used to display branding and simple messages.  If you are trying to explain too much in your display the chances are it wont have the same impact as one that is simple, clean and well thought out.

Print marks, crop marks and bleed.  Dont worry about any of them.  We add our own print and crop marks.  Bleed is not required.  Our cutting equipment is so accurate bleed is not required.

Vector format artwork prints cleanly.  If possible keep all artwork in vector format.  Outline all fonts to ensure there is not font mismatch issues when we open your file.

Make sure all images are high enough resolution to print well in large format.  To check this you should zoom into the final artwork file at 100% at full size or 200% at half size.  You can then see on the screen a representation of the image pixelation that will be printed.

300dpi files are fine, 150dpi as a minimum.  Please then export the final file as a print ready .pdf.