Outdoor panel holders for both indoor and outdoor environments. Perfect for festivals, outdoor events and meetings held in all weather environments.

Fill the water base panel holder with water or sand to use the weight as a ballast so the rigid panel can withstand heavy winds. Alternatively the wedge style rigid panel holder will clamp onto hard boards such as Foamex or display board to thicknesses of 50mm. You can align multiple boards together with these bases to create temporary walling for events and exhibitions.

If you require printed boards please contact us, we stock most rigid boards and have direct-to-panel style printing facilities in-house. We also manufacture bespoke panel holders and walling, so if the stock panel holder isn’t listed get in touch with your requirements. Most of our bespoke exhibition stands are made from walling framework with hard panels attached, this is a great alternative to panel holders as the base is not visible from the printed side of the panel.

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Rigid Panel Holder

Simple steel panel holder does what it's designed to do. You can fit different thickness and width panels in the wedge holder. Includes:
  • Silver steel panel holder
  • Available in different sizes
  • Used with various width panels
  • Stable and durable

Water Base Panel Holder

Water base with panel slots for use indoors or outdoors. Designed to support rigid substrates. Includes:
  • 10l base for water or sand user
  • Simple to use
  • Works with our fomaex and correx printed panels
  • Stable and durable