Poster stands are simple yet effective metal display stands which allow you to clip in printed media. Great for information points and specification display points.

Our metal poster stands and clip frames are perfect to use as information points for products and exhibits. We have used these poster mounts as specification points on a motorcycle stand. A great way to display information as a quick and easy information point. This allowed the client to change information (such as pricing) throughout the event. A simpler way to change information day to day rather than having this printed on the main stand walling.

The clip style frame is simple to add and change graphics and a protective clear sheet is also included. This protects from physical damage and sunlight fading. The freestanding mount with extendable height pole is similar to the wall mount version yet has a pole base so it can stand anywhere.

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Rigid Panel Holder

Simple steel panel holder does what it's designed to do. You can fit different thickness and width panels in the wedge holder. Includes:
  • Silver steel panel holder
  • Available in different sizes
  • Used with various width panels
  • Stable and durable

Water Base Panel Holder

Water base with panel slots for use indoors or outdoors. Designed to support rigid substrates. Includes:
  • 10l base for water or sand user
  • Simple to use
  • Works with our fomaex and correx printed panels
  • Stable and durable

A4 Poster Stand

A4 metal poster stand, rotating head. Includes:
  • A4 poster holder
  • Simple to use
  • Rotates for portrait or landscape
  • Stable and durable

Snap Frames

Snap frames in silver finish available in 4 sizes. Includes:
  • Snap style frames
  • Silver finish
  • Various sizes
  • 1 year guarantee

Light Box

Freestanding double sided light box with internal lighting. Includes:
  • Internally illuminated
  • Freestanding
  • Double sided graphics
  • Flat pack for transport and storage