Shell Scheme Compatible

Shell Scheme Compatible exhibition stands are stands that will fit within a shell scheme space. All of our stands including the stands listed in this category are free standing however these particular stands work well within shell scheme spaces. All of our designs are re-configurable into different sizes so if you find a design you like but require it in a different floor space size just get in touch and we will reconfigure it to suit your event.

We can transform your shell scheme space into a bright, welcoming and attractive display that will appeal to your audience and get the attention you want.  Purchasing shell scheme space rather than space only areas at a show doesn’t mean you will forfeit a quality and professional display.  Take a look at our recent shell scheme makeovers that we have provided for customers, I’m sure you will agree that they provide a cost effective solution without losing any of the attention grabbing sales potential.  Whether it’s just back wall graphics that you require or a full exhibition stand within your shell scheme space, we provide great solutions.  Need help or inspiration with dressing your shell scheme?  No problem, we have years of experience and we can guide you through the process and provide visuals so you can see what it will look like before you commit.  We are confident that you will love what we have to offer so drop us a line and get in touch!

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