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covid 19 testing pod

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The testing pod is a portable pod designed to be installed in carparks for local testing units.  The design can be cloned into multiple testing zones linked together.  Each pod has a walk in / out front area with a testing hatch with sliding hatch door.  The inner office / lab area is served by two doors with integrated combination locks.  The roofing system allows for outdoor use along with double clad and insulated walling.  Perfect for all seasons.  Very heavy duty robust construction for all weather conditions.

What’s included in your pod hire?

  • Overall 3m (w) x 4.5m (d) x 2.5m(h) dimensions. Walk in area 3m (w) 1.5m (d) with 1.5m (w) entrance and exit. Office/lab area is 3m (w) x 3m (d) with twin doors.
  • Repeatable linked design. Multiple testing zones can be linked together.
  • Aluminium modular framed testing pod.
  • PETG plastic walling panels with custom branding / print.
  • Double clad walling panels with internal insulation for comfortable working environment in both winter and summer conditions.
  • Private consultation / testing area with no touch entrance and exit.
  • Lab area has rubber raised floor for warmth / insulation.
  • Patient and staff areas separate.
  • Hire of all pod structural elements.
  • Digital photo quality print to walling.
  • Clear or semi clear walling / windows available.
  • Sliding clear access hatch with internal lock.
  • High quality LED security lighting, battery powered, solar recharged. PIR movement activated.
  • Air conditioning / heating units included. Office ventilation designed for both winter and summer conditions.
  • Internal 240v mains lighting and 240v power distribution points.
  • Full transport, installation and removal by our expert fitters.
  • Clear PETG plastic roof.
  • Roof slightly slanted/pitched to allow rain to run off.
  • All surfaces smooth allowing for easy wipe down and cleaning.
  • Floor signage.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Very heavy duty robust modular construction. Can be fixed direct to concrete flooring or held with ballast.

Our professional install service includes:

  • Logistics and delivery of your pod to the UK venue.
  • Installation by our professional fitters of the complete pod system.
  • Rental includes all elements of your pod such as walling, framework and lighting.
  • Supply of final 3d renders with your artwork as final proof prior to print.
  • Completion of risk assessments and method statements for installation.

Optional Extras:

  • Graphic design service available, as standard we supply the artwork templates to you. (Simple designs will be completed free of charge.)

Stand 4 pods are an all-in-one solution to meetings, consultations and test areas.  The complete pod, print and installation is taken care of by our team of professional project managers and onsite fitters.

All pods are pre-built and tested at our print and build facility prior to installation.  They are then transported and built at the venue/location and will be handed over to you for the agreed rental period.

All pod elements are hired and removed by our team at the end of the rental agreement.

All pods are modular in construction so can be scaled up and down in size.  The modular construction also allows for easy repair or replace to any sections which may become damaged during the hire period.

If you require more information please contact us, we are also available to discuss bespoke pod design.