The evolution of exhibition stands

stand evolution

The exhibition stand is not a new thing, we’ve been exhibiting our products and services for years and we know exhibiting works. Getting our products and services in front of a captive interested audience can be invaluable. Merely having a presence at a key event can be just as important.

Exhibition stands and backdrops have been designed and redesigned to death, we all know what works and what doesn’t. We know what looks impressive and what looks tacky.

There is now a plethora of “design” agency’s reinventing and regurgitating designs they’ve seen before and they know will work. Selling them as “new concepts” along with heavy price tags.

This brick wall within the industry that demands “what’s your budget?” has to change. As service providers we should be saying “Here is what we can do and this is the price tag”. An honest and upfront approach, not a middleman squeezing every last penny out of a budget.

Welcome to, currently the only website offering multiple designs with costs so clients can choose a stand design along with a costing. We’ve designed hundreds of stands for clients to choose from. Each stand is then branded to suit the clients needs. This cuts out a huge waste of the clients budget, allowing the client to either spend less or get more for their money. That’s why our company grew 300% in last financial year. The design middleman “what’s your budget” approach is dying a slow and painful death, businesses in 2014 are demanding value for money.

We’re listening.