NHS and Medical pods for meetings, consultations, vaccinations and assessments

Assessment, meeting, vaccination and consultation pods have become a necessity within the medical industry.  Space is at a premium and outside areas have become an important area to use.  Our robust pods are designed for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean and modular in construction.

These pods are modular and adaptable, so they can be used for a variety of medical requirements such as flu vaccinations, covid-19 consultations or meetings.  Simply click on each design for more information.

nhs vaccine pod

NHS pod 3

Another consultation pod with a very small footprint.  This pod can be used for vaccinations, meetings and consultations.  With a roof ...

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NHS pod 2

NHS pod 2 is a consultation and vaccination pod with a very small footprint.  Only 2m x 1m and 2m in height.  With a roof system this p...

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nhs meeting pod

NHS pod 1

NHS pod 1 is a testing, consultation and vaccination pod designed to have no touch points to either entrance.  The central area has a c...

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vaccination pod

NHS pod 4

The vaccination pod is a small portable pod designed to sit outside or inside a medical facility.  It has a clear roof, insulated walli...

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